She handed me a cardboard box

And casually said, “Ahoy, boy

Dump your thoughts.

In this box.”

I sat dumb. Thinking, thinking

And thinking, which thought

To keep, and which to dump

I felt numb

And then

All of a sudden, my head exploded

Brain matter, scattered

Here, there, everywhere

Grey thoughts, blue thoughts,

Violet, black and white thoughts

In bubbles, like a cotton-cloud


I knew

Something extraordinary has happened

I woke up with a jolt

Am I gone?

I thought, and thought and thought

As I flew like a feather

On the cold floor

And hit a wooden door

With the first splash

Thoughts rushed back

And I thought, thought

And thought

Till my equilibrium restored

In perfect balance

I placed my feet

On the floor

I walked out of the door

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