There was this philosopher. From the beautiful island of Melanesia. Aged. Widely respected. Famous.
Every year. Hundreds of thousands. Flocked to him. To sit. Hear. Spend time with him. And they returned. Blessed. Wiser. Happy.
One day. A scientist. From Perth. Approached him. With his son. Rob. 10 years. The scientist said ‘ Philosopher, my son has a question. That only you can answer. ‘


The Philosopher smiled. Rob smiled. And asked. ‘ Uncle, how does one become a philosopher. ‘
The Philosopher laughed. Laughed and laughed. And answered.


‘ I have been asked many questions. But this. Never, my boy. You and you alone with your innocent inquisitiveness could have asked this.
Every man or woman is born fresh. Alone. With only one relationship. Family. Father. Mother. Brother. Sister. And in later years. Wife.
As the child grows. He makes friends. And foes.
A man or a woman who dives deep into understanding these three ‘f’ relationships, foe, friend and family, eventually becomes a philosopher.


Who is a friend?

Who is a foe?

Is my family my friend or foe?


My child, these three questions, if you pursue in life, you shall be a philosopher someday.


And the day you have answered the last question, my child, you shall attain what many call ‘ Nirvana ‘. ”


The Philosopher smiled. The child smiled. The crowd dispersed. For the day.

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