There was a philosopher. Kind. Witty. Wise. Lived in Mumbai. People flocked to her for advice. Sane. Practical. Wise.


Mr. Gopalan. A clerk. Trading company. Akola. One fine morning. Was handed. Termination letter. Much perturbed. He rushed. To HR.


HR said. ‘ We had to. Because you did not. Resign. You should have. Noticed. The atmosphere. In the company. At loss. Financially. How can it. Sustain. Such stuff. As yours. You should have noticed. And resigned. You did not. Therefore. We sacked. You had a. Moral responsibility. We had an. Official duty. ‘


Very sad. Mr. Gopalan. Depressed. Then. One day. A friend. Suggested. ‘ Go. Meet her. ‘ The philosopher. Mumbai.
He went. Stated his problem. And sought counsel. On how to respond. He said ‘ What hurts most. They thought. It was my moral duty to resign. For the atmosphere. In the office. Is that appropriate? Should I have resigned? On my own. Seriously? Tell me. How to respond? ‘
She said. ‘ Take a piece of paper. And write the letter’.


The HR received the letter. Next week.


It read. Thus.


‘ Dear Sir


I agree. Profoundly. It was my moral duty. To have resigned. Because of the atmosphere. In the company. As much as. When it rains in India, it is the moral duty of potatoes /veggies /onions to cover themselves with batter and jump into boiling oil…!!


I remain
Your obedient


Chaturanan Gopalan’

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