As night fell

In 1977

In 2002

The sky darkened, and

Dark, angry clouds

Stood still

On my Country’s sky,

We knew, somewhere

Behind the clouds

There was a Star

Up, above and high

As wily cats mewed

And sheep blahed

As communal fires

Razed our land, we knew

Soon a lion would roar

And the fire would douse

As grieving hearts weeped

Kashmir to Kanyakumari

In loss, despair and need

We felt sad

For our beloved country

And waited impatiently

For the flute to play

Words of solace

Words of comfort

In lyrical words

From a gentle


That cared

A soul that stirred

A million souls

A mind that ignited

A million minds

A song that balmed

A billion wounds

Shri Atal Beeharry Vajpayee

Naman, Naman and Naman.

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