I told her. “I have been to Madrid. Loved the food on the street.” And she asked. “Madrid? Why not Barcelona?” I smiled. “I will. One day. FC Barcelona. My team.” She poured more coffee. And smiled big.

After a day’s walk and shopping, Mousumi and I had entered “El Rincon”. Taste of Spain. In Victoria Market, Melbourne.

And we ordered. Gambas Al Ajillo. A favorite from our Madid Street Food days. Prawns. Garlic. White wine. Olive oil – in plenty.

And Ternera Al Limon. (Rare done) Meat. Lemon juice. On toasted bread.

Lots of coffee.

Before we left, the lady asked “Where will you go next?” I paused. And answered “Barcelona, perhaps.” They all laughed loud. The waiters. The cashier. The two young Chefs. And the only other guest at the table. “Adiós”. They all said in chorus. “Adiós”. I replied. Waving.

Gambas Al Ajiilo is a Tapas dish. A Tapas in Spain is a snack in America. A dish that is shared by many.

My first taste of the dish was on a pavement in Madrid. A kind elderly gentleman. Basking in morning sun rays in front of his restaurant. We had stopped for coffee. And seeing the picture of the golden broth and the succulent prawns, we ordered Gambas Al Ajiilo. The dish laid on our table was exactly like the picture on the board of the Restaurant. We loved it.

Today at El Rincon, we relived that taste. Slightly sour. Garlic smell. The blend of olive oil. And the perfectly done prawns. Heavenly. I slurped the gravy after the prawns were done. It was too tasty to be left behind.

If you are visiting Melbourne, please head to Queen Victoria Market on a Sunday noon. And have lunch at El Rincon.

Last restaurant in line at the Food Court area. On your left.

And please taste, Gambas Al Ajiilo ( unless you are allergic to sea food ).


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