Where morons meddle

Long after sun had set. In pitch darkness. They stealthily came. With hammers. With chisels. And they struck. Soft at first. For they were afraid. And then they struck. A little harder. A little harder. More. As the stone did not protest. Did not resist. As they had anticipated. For they were afraid. The man who had in his lifetime. Illuminated a Nation. A whole population. Previous generations. They were afraid. Morons. That he would raise. His voice. But stones do not speak. They hit him at free will . The morons. At a Saint. He who spread Knowledge. Light. The morons hit. As darkness fell.


It is the manifestation. Of perfection. Already present. In men. Women. He said. And defined Education. Not the imperfection. In men. Women. With black ink. Paint brushes. Chisels. Hammers. That strike. In darkness. Cowards. They stand for a cause in day light. And undo a civilization. In darkness. In light they display banners. Under peepul trees. In front of flashlights. In darkness. They crawl. As spineless. Cowards. And vandalize. Torchbearers of civilization. The torchbearer they believe. Will fade. But uneducated. They know not. A torchbearer. Has lit lights. Young minds. That are torchbearers of knowledge. Education. Down generations.

Journey of the sick

In a dark campus. In a silent campus. They crawled. Cowards. To strike. At a statue. Of his. Of her. Darkness. Silence. All around. They walked. Breath held. For even the sound of their breath. Reminded them. Warned them. That they walked in darkness. They struck. One. Two. Three. A hammer slipped. On concrete. Thud. And broke the silence. But still. Darkness prevailed. They struck again. Cautious. In fear. Of a sudden. A siren. Broke silence. Ambulance. A sick. On his way to a hospital. Hammer. Chisel. Fell. Thud. Thud. Thud. Cowards ran away. Sick. To their wards. Of perpetual sickness.

Light illuminates.

In darkness. They came. They gathered. At his pedestal. Pitch dark. They could see nothing. They felt. Concrete. Of a pedestal base. And they struck in darkness. Together. Thud. Thud. The sound exploded. And a posse of fireflies. Just flew from nowhere. Smashing the darkness.

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