Brothers in Arms

Shafipur Japti. A small village. Kannauj District. Uttar Pradesh. 

Wasim Khan. An Imam. Local Mosque. Jaleel Khan. Head (Pradhan), Village Panchayat.

Wasim Ji, beckons male members of his village. Every month. After a Friday prayer. Fruits are bought and brought. Shared. And Wasim Ji talks about our future generation. Leading a healthy life. By being vaccinated.

Jaleel Ji. Goes from house to house.

Reminding fathers. Vaccination is a must. For children of today to become adults of tomorrow. Protected. Strong. 

With the help of A-A-A ( ANM-Anganwadi-ASHA didis) they address the  A-A-A problem In the community. Access. Awarness. Apprehension.

Particularly awareness and apprehension. 

Today a community in Shafipur Japti. In a small village. In a small district. Of our vast Nation. Are no more afraid of vaccines. 

Children in Shafipur Japti receive their vaccination in time. Aware parents make sure.

These children will grow up tomorrow. Adults. Indians. And they will make their country proud.

Such people. Wasim Ji s and Jaleel Ji s are my Makers of Modern India. In small villages. In large towns of my country.

Honored to witness their passion and hear their stories today.

Glad to see them felicitated by Health Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Jai Pratap Singh, at a function in Lucknow..

They call themselves ‘brothers in arms’. Their arm/ weapon is vaccine. 

For a healthier INDIA. 

Jai Ho.

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