I must be honest. As I speak to you.

Therefore, I shall not say that I first learned the simple 3D model from the field. Though, I have applied and reconfirmed the 3D model many times over in work. In field. And elsewhere.

I first learned the application of D-model in the dimly lit Local Committee (LC) meeting room of our locality. Local Committee of Communist Party of India (Marxist). On how the Party controlled areas, vote banks seamlessly.

A Party veteran insisted almost in every meeting. For every problem that came before the LC . He would say to his comrades. ‘Get good information. Correct information. Reliable information. Only then can we make a decision on how we should respond. Or else we will take a wrong decision and a wrong action.’

After that I have heard this many times at work. We need good information for taking the right decision and then the right action following the right decision.

The Triple D pathway.


As a District Magistrate in Jharkhand had told during a meeting on Immunization.

Good data will lead to good decision will lead to good delivery.

But then with this D model in place, things still fail. We have all learned it the hard way.

As did the Communist Party in West Bengal. As does many of the public health programs.

With good data, good data based decision and then a decision focused delivery.

All good. Yet success not achieved.

All good. Yet Programs fail. Parties fail.

And that is where one learns of the other two D s that are so critical to a program beyond the 3 D model.

Dissemination. Of information. The decision to deliver must be disseminated well in the community where the program s delivered. As long as the Party in West Bengal did it well, they connected with the community. Took community focused decision.

And only when the data and decision is disseminated well in the community, the fifth critical piece comes in place. Closing the loop.


Demand of the delivery program by the community for who the program is targeted.

Therefore, a 3D model is good with its limitations.

The model that truly works is the 5 D loop.


The demand data feeds into refining the decision and the cycle continues with precise understanding of the pulse of the community.

In Politics. In Public Health.

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