There are some who equate innovation with technology. There are some who use innovation as a password to success. There are some for who innovation is a constant endeavour.

And then there are some who teach to think of innovation with a difference.

A health worker in Alipurduar District had used a mouth organ to play music every Wednesday morning at a sub center . Popular Hindi songs. Children and a few youth came to hear her play. And when she had played, she asked for a favour. To escort a mother and her child from a forest slum to the sub centre. For vaccination. Innovation in social mobilization.

A team on Pulse Polio duty in Jalpaiguri Sadar lined a shoe box with foam. Put a string. And converted it into a temporary vaccine carrier. And travelled from house to house. Lightweight shoe box. Innovation.

A State Immunization officer in Madhya Pradesh toured primary health centres. And observed that cold chain handlers often forgot the order of vaccines to be stored in the cold boxes and freezers. And he wrote a poem. A prayer. That clearly reminded everyone the order of vaccines in cold boxes. Every health care worker in Madhya Pradesh now remembers. The Prayer. And vaccine order.

From marking houses and fingers of children in polio vaccination campaigns to setting up a government Immunization center in Urban Patna that would beat the most sophisticated private clinic anywhere, innovation is not only technology but also just doing the routine work better with dedication, passion and commitment.

As evolution is to survival, so is innovation to program . A necessity.

To thrive. And evolve.

I was recently in a meeting in Africa. Where innovators gathered to discuss how program implementation could be made better. To reach that last child who remains out of reach.

And they were all women. Women innovators. Thinking passionately about ways to reach that unreached child.

I came back with much optimism. About a world where Mothers think of innovations to reach a child.

The child shall soon be reached. I dream. I believe.

Mothers in action. Women in action. Innovation.

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