We know that you do not know

Recruitment done. Appointment letter handed. End of a long process. Manager felt happy. Accomplished. As he left office for day. They stopped him. His team. Seven Deputy s. Stop. They said. We have a question. On what criteria was the selection made. The appointment. What did he have? That we did not have. They asked. The manager. Baffled. Stammered. Fumbled. The interviews. He said. What interviews? They asked. Deputy s. The manager. Looked alarmed. What criteria? You must say. Employees asked. Again. When at last. The manager said. I do not know the answer. Then. And only then. An employee said. We know that you do not the answer. But. We wanted you to know. That we know the question.

What is your take

They sat around a table. Three men. In frames. Suite. Tie. Solemn. For they had a task. To select. The right candidate. Shortlisted. From a list of three hundred. Ten to interview. For one position. Of a Data Assistant. A glass of water placed before each. A notepad. Pencil. Pens in their shirt pocket. They looked grim. As would befit the seriousness. Of the interview process. The first candidate came. A lady. Thought one. A girl. Thought another. A candidate. Thought the other. And interview proceeded. From culture. To compensation. From workload. To work-life balance. Everything discussed. The lady. The girl. The candidate. Probed. Assessed. Questioned. Answered. In a soft voice. Interview over. The man in the center asked. Any questions? She looked. At three. Each for a second. And then asked. ‘Analyzed? So, what is your take?’

Rhythm of Business

They all sat. Glued to their chairs. For he would enter. Any moment. And call the meeting to order. For business. A few drank water. From glasses. A few wiped. Their glasses. A few stared at the empty seat. Leather. Centrally placed. There was pin drop silence. Each careful. Not to be loud in their business. Trying to suppress the sound of each other’s breath. Slowly the door opened. He walked in. Tall. Elegant. In navy blue jacket. And smiled. Someone sneezed. Somewhere. And they said. “God Bless.” In unison. Spontaneous.

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