It is not every day we get an opportunity to thank they who in silence beat all odds. To keep us healthy, safe and protected.

The milk-boy who delivers milk every day before 7 AM. So that I can have my Kellogg’s before I leave for office.

The newspaper boy who delivers my Saturday Mint in time so that I begin my weekend well.

The boy who washes my car at 5 AM because he knows I live early for my office.

And many such. They who walk an extra mile. To ensure life is not disrupted for a family bound by shackles of habit.

But there are many who I do not see. I do not know. They have served me and my family too. The Police driver who drives at 3 AM in my locality. I hear his car siren. And I feel safe.

The doctor, the nurse, the ward boy, the ambulance driver who is awake because she and he know I may come any time with my heart ailment.

All of them I am thankful to.

And then there is the Armed Force personnel. Far, very far away. In hostile environment. They stand in danger. Harsh weather. To ensure I and my family remain protected.

To them. My gratitude. My thank you. My deep appreciation and love.

Today. Last day of 2019. I visited a museum in Vishakhapatnam. And was once again reminded of the glory of our armed forces.

The Navy. The Air Forces. The Army.

A letter from Prime Minister Indira Gandhi dated December 22, 1971. To Admiral Nanda.

One sentence on behalf of the Countrymen “I should like to express the gratitude of the Government and the people of India to you and your officers and men”.

A flag captured from a ship of Pakistan that trespassed to our waters. Displayed.

A pictorial presentation of Operation Trident. The attack on Port Karachi on the night of 04/05 December 1971.

There are many who I wish to thank for the year gone by. 2019. But let me call out them. Men, women who stay awake in hospitals and in patrol. In my city and at borders.

To ensure that I remain protected.

Thank you.

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