Today at a random social media conversation I briefly interacted with a few Pharmacists.

They had a grudge. Of not receiving their due recognition. For the service they render to public.

As I read their posts, I remembered Das Da. Compounder Babu. In Primary Health Centre. Panchkelguri Block PHC. Where I was a Medical Officer in mid 90s.

The day I arrived my staff quarter was not ready. Das Babu had opened his house for me.

For the next two days I stayed at his house. And in these two days he inducted me to Public Health Service. The art of rendering service. 

I will never forget one advice he had given me. It is one of the finest.

‘Do not try to be popular. Just work silently. You may not be popular but you will be respected.’

And then with a brief smile he had added ‘Actually what I mean to say is talk less during work.’

I did not follow his advice. I was and am talkative. So I was popular. On matters of whether I was respected, I need to think more to remember.

Compounder Babu was never late for duty. Sharp at 5 minutes to 9 , he would enter his room. Lock it from inside. Open the dispensing window. Clean his table and chair. And begin dispensing.

He only spoke to explain the dose schedule. He did not laugh. He did not ask the patients their well being. He did not gossip. He just dispensed medicine. 

And he never allowed anyone inside his pharmacy store. 

I had asked him once. Why he locked the door. He had replied. ‘The pharmacy store is my workplace. Like my Mandir. I do not want any trespassers in that room.’

Everyone respected Sushil Da. Compounder Babu. He was not popular. He was respected. 

And there was only one more thing he did. As the senior most employee by age.

On every August 15 and January 26, he hoisted the Tricolour Flag and began the National Anthem.

Sushi Da, Compounder Babu. Pharmacist. Is a true life Hero. 

I know Pharmacists are not popular. They are respected. 

Every Pharmacist must be proud of her and his profession. 

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