As she tied her apron, I asked her ‘Do you know why I came to you?’

She looked. Inquiring.

‘Because on your website you say, that even when you inject there is no pain.’

She smiles. ‘We will see.’
Over the next three seatings, there are anxious moments. Pain. Pressure.

And she comforts. With words.
‘Is it unbearable? I know it is.’
‘ Oh just a few minutes more. There will be so much relief.’

And after every sitting she would apologise. ‘I know it has been painful. I hope you feel better.’
When all was over, I felt so much better. She said ‘ I feel very happy that your pain is gone now.’

She then explained me the whole procedure. What it was. What it is now. Post-RCT.

A clinician who demonstrated the best of both qualities that make the best of the breed. Of clinicians.

Efficiency and Empathy.

Thank you Dr. Anjana Bhargava.

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