22 January, 2020

A rebuke & A lesson

I was always poor. In remembering names. On that side of 50. In school. In College. In club. In locality. I remembered nicknames well.

On this side of 50, matters have worsened. I look for a name tag in meetings. In office meetings. And I say ‘Aah Kumar Ji, how are you?’ 

This is a bad trait I have. Almost a disability. To remember names. 

My close ones mock me. They laugh at me. And I also think that they actually want to tell me that they do not like this trait in me.

I too do not like it.

Yesterday I met someone at a Party. She came and spoke. Smiling. Familiar. And forgotten. Name.

We spoke and she went away to catch up elsewhere.

As I stood with my dinner plate with a few friends, she walked straight up to me. And asked ‘ Do you remember me?’

I understood she was not happy. So I did not lie. I said ‘No.’

She said ‘I am Dr ….. we worked on … in 2010.’ 

I remembered immediately and apologised.

She said ( read rebuked ): ‘This is not good. It should not happen next time we meet’.

This was a good lesson for me. A public rebuke. 

I must work on remembering names. Not remembering names of colleagues and friends, past and present is disrespectful.

Thank you Dr…… for the rebuke.

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