January 25, 2020.

Tomorrow shall begin with a new dawn. Particularly in India. For tomorrow is our Republic Day. A day we cherish our Nation’s core strength. Our Democracy. Our Constitution.

That strength. That withstands all that stands in our nation’s collective march forward. That pushes back all those fangs and tentacles that bare and spread to demolish us.

In 1950, our Nation’s Constitution came in action. To protect fundamental rights of every citizen. For what is a nation without its citizens!! The right to speak. The right to practice. The right to freedom. In a nation that is ours. Of every citizen.

Beyond the sound of bullets, beyond the wails of hunger, beyond the cry for azadi from oppression and beyond the moans of the sick deprived of treatment, a Nation stands. India.

Is it perfect? No. As long as those sounds of bullets, wails of hunger, cries of the oppressed and the moans of the sick fill the air, the Nation shall not be perfect.

But there is hope. Absolute hope. Because of the strength of Unity in our Diversity. Because of the solemnness of the promises of our Constitution.

Because ultimately in India, Democracy prevails. Voice of the People. In ballot boxes. As it spoke in 1977. As it speaks today. In Centre and States.

Therefore, above the sounds of misery, there is a cheer of celebration. For our Nation.

For you who say Jai Hind, you celebrate India’s constitution. For Hind to you is the spirit of India.

For you who say Vande Mataram, you celebrate India’s constitution. For Mata to you is the nation India.

For you who say Azadi, you celebrate India’s constitution. For Azadi to you is expression of your Constitutional rights.

For you who say nothing, you too celebrate India’s constitution. For you stand and wait, to democratically say. In ballot boxes. What you would like to say to your Constitution.

India is our nation.

Republic Day is our celebration. Of our Constitution.

Our day of Unity in Vande Mataram, in Jai Hind. In our ask for Azadi.

In our Anthem, we the People of India are the Nayak. The Heroes.

Let us celebrate. Our Republic Day. As Heroes Celebrate.

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