This is a true story from 2005.

She was excited. As all teenagers are. On an impending trip. Overseas.
And that too to seek a deep understanding of those whose lives were not as privileged as hers.

To Bucharest,Romania. To visit a Church and an orphanage. Sent by her Church.

She was a girl from Indiana, USA. Bubbling in life and spirit.

On May 4, she boarded the flight.

In Romania, she visited her destinations. And saw firsthand life of those not so privileged.

On May 14 she returned to USA. 

In flight. She developed a headache. A running nose. Fever. 

May 15. She was unwell. Year. There was a picnic. Friends and neighbors. 

She was excited. So she decided to attend. In spite of her illness. Because she had so many stories to tell. Friends and neighbors.

May 16. A red speckled rash appeared on her body. 

May 29. Two weeks after the lovely picnic. The Indiana State Health Department received news of a severely dehydrated six year boy admitted. Diagnosis: Measles.

Investigations followed. The boy had attended that picnic. Where stories from Romani were shared. 

Further investigation followed. Among the 500 at the picnic, 35 were not vaccinated for Measles. Of them 31 became infected.

Further investigation.

The girl who had travelled to Romania was not vaccinated . And when she had landed in Bucharest, there was a Measles epidemic. 

This girl who had contacted Measkes in Romania had in a matter of hours at a social picnic spread the virus. 89% of those who were not vaccinated contacted Measles.

Lesson : Vaccinate our children. And make them safe, protected. They deserve a happy and healthy life. And science in the form of vaccines offers them all that. Protection. Productivity. In short, a life blessed with vaccines.

( Source: Deadly Choices . How the anti-vaccine movement threatens us all by Paul A Offit, MD )

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