Every Christmas. From memory as far. To 1990. The last Christmas my Santa Clause was alive. I received a gift. Anything. Something.

So did my sister. 

Thereafter. After Santa left. My sister has received gifts from me. A chest full of love. A heart full of blessings. ‘Buk bhora bhalobasa, pran bhora ashirbad.’ And she has reciprocated likewise. 

We have enjoyed this little joke amongst us. And life has moved on. Happily. Merrily. Between a brother and a sister.

I hardly receive any gifts any more. I receive presents. Objects wrapped in love. With care. From friends. From family. I always feel very happy to receive gifts. Be it a book. Be it a box of chocolate. Or a painting. 

The last gift I received was from my son. A phone call announcing his postgraduate entrance results. That phone call was a result.

Rare as they are I do not cover gifts any more. Presents come. I feel happy. And life moves on. 

This Anniversary Mousumi and I were not expecting any special gift. Love. Warm wishes from friends. Embrace our life.We feel happy to live a blessed life. Friends . Family. We say ‘Thank You Loknath Baba.’

But we did receive a gift today. She said ‘For your anniversary. A gift.’ 

I generally pride myself in my ingenuity of gifting. But today I was mesmerised by the thoughtfulness. How did she know !! That this would be such a precious gift. Such ingenuity in thinking.

The most valuable gift that one can give.

Kind words. From one to another human being.
What can make one more happy. Than kind words.

Stay blessed. Your gift has made our day. 

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