The legend runs thus. Per our enthusiastic Tour guide.

880 AD.

The shepherds were tired. They begun their walk back home. When one of them saw a light yonder. They thought it was a flame lit by a traveller. Yonder. 

Next day. As they returned home. The light. Yonder. They wondered.

Next day. The light again. Now, they decided. They must inquire.

In a cave. The source of the light. They entered.

Music played. Fairies danced. In joy. And there they found a statue of Mother Mary.  From whom the light radiated.

Holy men were informed. They came.

Mother must be transported to a Tempke in the city they opined. 

As they transported Moher Mary, at every step away from the mountains she became heavier. On their shoulder. 

They understood. Mother wanted to stay back in the mountains. 

Her wish was fulfilled. A Church was built. 

This is a legend. 

What is in record is that around 1025 AD , around 8 Monks started the Benedictian Order of the Church.  At Montserrat.

There are many logical explanations to the black color of the Statue of Mother Mary at this Church. 

But when there is an opportunity to hear the fable of a legend, why bore a traveller’s mind with mundane scientific truths.

Our visit to the Church was wonderful. Serene mountains. Beautiful sculptures. And a melodious Choir.

What more can one ask in life in turbulent times!!

Our Lady of Montserrat

The Choir Boys

Choir Boys
The Song

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