Mousumi and I have a large family in Noida. Where we stay.

We began as friends and one day we realised that we had walked many miles together and become a family. 

A large family of five families. We spend joyous evenings over loud laughter, dreamy retirement plans , childish pranks and innocent leg-pulls. 

In summary, we spend our evenings over unadulterated Bangali Adda.

We love food. Many of us love  to cook. And those who do not cook, talk of recipes. 

Every meal is laced with plans for the next meal. Be it a ‘Mangsho-Luchi’ dinner or a ‘Luchi- Alu chochchori’ breakfast. 

We romanticise our meals. 

And we plan our travels. From Sunderban  to Srinagar. From Colombo to Calcutta. From Puri to Pondicherry. We have travelled everywhere within the four walls of our drawing room.

Subroto-Suman. Kakoli-Kartik. Somnath-Bidisha. Rupa-Goutam. Raj Shankar- Mousumi. And our children. 

Our ‘Elite Family’ in Noida. 

Blessed & Beautiful.

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