1992. I got married

1992. I got my first job. Salaried. Beyond stipends.

An advertisement in The Telegraph.

Tagore Research Society. Medical Officer. Rangabelia Project. Sunderban.

We were thrilled. Applied. Call came. We went.

There were only two candidates in the room. Me and another boy. A little elder to me.

My turn came. I entered a cabin.
An elderly gentleman. White hair. White punjabi. Dhuti.

He began. General talk.

What do I do passionately? I read Poetry.

Who is your favourite poet? Bishnu De.
Ghorsoar? Yes.

So, ready to go to Sunderban? Yes Sir.

How many days will you take to prepare? I can go tomorrow.

But your private practice? Oh, I have just started Sir. My patients will not miss me.

He laughed.

Go then. Speak to Bouma and come back.

She is sitting outside. I can ask her now and tell you.

Oh, why did you not tell? Call her. Inside.

Mousumi came.

The elderly gentleman said . Now you go and sit outside. I want to talk to her alone.

I walked out. Waited.

Many minutes later. Mousumi came out.

Beaming a smile that made me weary. For there was a hint of mischief in her smile.

He is calling you. Inside. Go. She said. Jao. Jao.

I entered. The aged man was sitting on his chair. Relaxed.

Well. I have spoken to her. Very good girl. We have talked. Come tomorrow. Collect your contract.

When do I have to go to Sunderban Sir? I asked.

You are going to Rajasthan. Not to Sunderban. I have talked to Mousumi. You talk to her. You will leave next week.

Rajasthan? Ki bolchen Sir? Salary? Thakbo kothay? I fumbled.

Aah. He rebuked. Do not worry. I have spoken to her. You do not worry. And stop your association with rogue elements in your para. Go.

And I went.

A few days later I landed up with my first job at Bhoruka Charitable Trust. Bhorugram. Churu District. Rajasthan.

A month or so later his brother came to our Project. I met him. He said ‘Dada has asked me to meet you and Boudi. I hope you both are happy.’

This aged man with a smile gave Mousumi her husband’s first job and sent them out of their comfort City of Joy. He knew that if I wanted to practice public health, I had to ‘see’ INDIA.

I just heard He passed away yesterday. My heart weeps for him.

My first employer, Shri Tushar Kanjilal.

Apnake amar ebong Mousumi r antorik Pronam.


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