1509. King Vira Narasimha Raya was on his deathbed. Without a direct descendant. Mature in age and wisdom to rule. His sons were children.

He was perturbed. Worried. He summoned his Minsters. His council. For advice. For action. For counsel.

He had a half-brother. With his eyes on the throne. Krishnadeva Raya. Who had to be removed from his way. For if he ascended the throne. The King’s son would be betrayed. Of their right to the throne. 

His Minister In Chief. Was given the task. To ensure that Krishnadeva’s  eyes be no more focused on the throne. 

The Minister went. And soon later returned. With two bleeding eyes on a tray. Krishnadeva’s eyes had been removed from their sockets. And Krishnadeva left to suffer the pain. Blind in desolation. 

The king. Vira Narasimha heaved a sigh of relief. And died peacefully. 

Once dead, the battle for succession began. Krishnadeva overcame all odds and ascended the throne. And made the Minister who had ‘blinded’ him his minister too. Because the Minister had secretly told him the plan. And a goat’s eyes had been removed and placed before the king Vira Narasimha before he died. 

Krishnadeva Raya became one of the most powerful rulers in India’s history. With power. Wealth. Wisdom. Arts. 

Many years later. Krishnadeva lay on his deathbed. Sad. Very sad. For he had no male heir. To sit on the throne. After he died. He had daughters. 

He had had sons. Who died young. 

In 1520s, he lost a son born Yong and healthy. He became superstitious. And believed that the Minister had conspired to kill the baby boy.

11 years after the incident where the Minister had spared his eyes, the King Krishnadeva took the eyes of that Minister. And blinded him.

Such are lessons from history. An action of goodness repayed by an act of evil.

( Story adapted from Krishnadeva Raya by Manu S Pillai)

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