An apocryphal story from life of Maharaj Ranjit Singh Ji : Light in One Eye

During the recent turmoil and killings in Delhi, one community that stood out in spreading harmony and help was the Sikh Community. Opening shelter in the Gurdwaras, distributing Dal-roti in the deeply affected lanes of North East Delhi they provided yeomen service.

I remembered a tale I had read long back on one of the doyens of Sikh kingdom Maharaj Ranjit Singh. I read it again today.

The tale is as follows.

A calligraphist has spent a large part of his life in making a copy of the Quran. Once done he approached many Muslim Nawabs and kings to sell his book. But no one purchased his work.

At last he reached Lahore and approached Foreign Minister Fakeer Azizuddin. Fakeer Saab appreciated the work much but would not buy the work. It was too costly.

Maharaj Ranjit Singh heard of this story and called the calligraphist. He took the book reverentially and pressed it against his forehead. And then scrutinised the book with his single eye. 

The excellence of the work impressed him. He bought the book.

After the calligraphist had departed, Fakeer Azizuddin asked him why he had paid such a high price for the book? He was a Sikh and what use was the Quran to him.

To this it is said that Maharaja smiled and said ‘ I have one eye. Because God wanted me to see all Religions with one eye. I do not have light in the other eye therefore.’

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