The next 21 Days. What I shall do?

1: I will refrain from any political conversation. Any National and Global Political discussion. Political discussion for me is fun and part of an adda. I do not have mood for that now. I will not discuss politics. I will not argue on politics or for that any matter. I will ignore any comment on social media that has any political odour. For me there is only one Party now. The National Government. Period.

2: I will be as frugal as possible in my lifestyle. I will eat less. Less quantity. Less variety. May be adjust to a style that will help me learn modesty in my expenditure and lifestyle. I will try my best not to put any additional burden on my household members. They are anyway overstrained with disruption of normal services. This will be a challenge to me. I am generally not very frugal in life style. It is bad practice. I will now be frugal. Beginning with less number of orders on tea and coffee from home members.

3: I will try to remain safe and remind my family members to remain safe. Avoid cuts, injuries as much as possible. I have a 2 year child at home. Who is not able to go out to play in parks. Confined in house. Double caution there.

4: I will lead a life that is very different from my usual vacation/ weekend/ WFH lifestyle. Not joyous in celebration. I will be worried. I will be somber.

5: I will call at least 3 friends and family members every day. I need to hear voices of loved ones.

6: I will pray. I believe in prayers. It will help soothe me. I am married to science. But I love to Pray. For the Peace that I get just from those quiet few moments for me, from me. Science and prayers for me go hand in hand.


These are most difficult times. Frankly less for me and you who read this post. But for the men and women who we know and who live on their daily wages. For them who do not have shelter. For them who do not have the power to stock or buy food in such times. It is a very difficult time, my friend.

Now we must remember them and know that they too exist. We will not see them. They too will be off the road and off from our sight. But I must remember that they exist and they do not have privileges that you and I have.

My and your Prime Minister has come to us as a family member. With folded hands. He is my leader for the next 21 days.

This is a challenge for us. We must stand up and face this challenge as One. One Nation, one Family.

We must. We do not have any option.

INDIA will win. Because of the sacrifice it is making. Today.

Jai Ho.

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