Shanta Prasad Chaturvedi. Brahmin. Scholar. Vedas. Recite. Front to back. Back to front.
Woke up early morning. Very disturbed. With what had been troubling him. For months.
Woke his Master up. ‘Master, master, I have a question. Without an answer. I can not sleep.’
Master sat. Straight. ‘Oh, but you should have asked long back.’

‘Master, in our loom factory. There works. Untouchables. Not for cleaning. The dirty job. Cleaning the trash and garbage. But working alongside. Me. You. Other Brahmins. I stay away from their shadows. But why, Master why? Must they work on looms? Why on earth, you the learned, would allow them to work by a Brahmin? Why must they too find a place in a loom where Brahmins like me stay?’

Master smiled. ‘Sit. I hear your complain. Surely, but you may know that if God has a place for them in Heaven, my mill is too humble a place to not deny them a space.’
‘In Heaven? Surely you are joking Master. Why would God find a place for them in Heaven.’
The Master smiled. And said.

‘ For there must be someone in Heaven to throw away the garbage and trash from Heaven when the like of yours enter through the Gates. For sure, Heaven must be clean and free of souls and minds that are trash and garbage.’

The Master: Sant Kabir

कबीर कुँआ एक हैं

पाणिहारी अनेक

बर्तन सब के न्यारे न्यारे

पाणि सब में एक।।
(With apologies for any spelling mistake in the Hindi Text)

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